Design approach for single piston hydraulic free piston diesel engines

  • Wei WuEmail author
  • Shihua Yuan
  • Jibin Hu
  • Chongbo Jing
Research Article


The operating characteristics of a single piston hydraulic free piston diesel engine differ significantly from conventional diesel engines and this provides a theoretical basis for controlling and optimizing the design of the engine. The design of the proposed engine intended as a power supply for a hydraulic propulsion vehicle is presented. An engine performance forecast model was generated in AMESim. The performance of the prototype engine is predicted and the predictive results are verified with experiments. The particular features of the engine are discussed. The dynamic characteristics of the prototype engine are analyzed and the results indicate the rationality and feasibility of the engine design parameters. The features of the controllable working frequency and the intermittence output flows are provided. The flow capacity characteristics of the hydraulic valves on the prototype engine are offered. The methods for starting and the operation after misfire are presented.


free piston engine (FPE) diesel engine hydraulic equipment simulation experiment 


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