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Bearing capacity of pile groups under vertical eccentric load

  • Raffaele Di LaoraEmail author
  • Luca de Sanctis
  • Stefano Aversa
Research Paper


The paper deals with the problem of the bearing capacity of pile groups under vertical eccentric load. Widespread practice is to consider the achievement of the axial capacity on the outermost pile as the ultimate limit state of the pile group. However, this approach neglects the ductility of the foundation system and may be thereby overconservative. With the aim of proposing an alternative and more rational approach, a novel formulation for interaction diagrams based on theorems of limit analysis is presented and discussed. The methodology is applicable to the general case of groups of unevenly distributed, dissimilar piles. Piles’ connections to the pile cap are modeled as either hinges or rigid-plastic internal fixities. An application example to a slender structure is also provided, showing that the proposed approach can lead to significant advantages over the traditional design.


Bearing capacity Eccentric loading Limit analysis Pile groups 

List of symbols


Adhesion factor


Inclination of the applied moment vector


Partial resistance factors for pile base and shaft capacity


Partial factor for shaft capacity in tension


Partial factor for undrained shear strength


Coefficient depending on number of piles


Increment of rotation


Increments of work done by internal forces


Increments of work done by external forces


Efficiency of a pile group


Correlation factor to derive characteristic value


Coordinate of the j-th pile in the reference system (ξ, η)


Total overburden stress at depth L


Base area of the block containing the piles


Side area of the block containing the piles


Distance between two external piles of a row


Abscissa of the center of the row


Pile diameter


Pile length


External moment vector


Moment capacity of the pile group under zero axial loading

Mu,Mui, Muk

Moment capacities of the pile group


Moment capacities along x- and y-axes in the 3D domain


Number of alignments of piles parallel to external moment vector M


Dimensionless yielding bending moments


Yielding bending moments


Bearing capacity factor


Axial capacity of the single pile in compression


Axial capacity in compression of the j-th pile


Number of piles in a row


Number of piles in a group


Unit base resistance


Characteristic value of pile base resistance


External axial capacity


Axial loads on piles i an j


Axial capacity of the pile group

Qu,Qui, Quk

Axial capacity of the pile group


Characteristic value of pile shaft resistance


Axial capacity of the single pile in uplift


Axial capacity in uplift of the j-th pile


Pile spacing


Unit shaft resistance


Soil undrained shear strength


Abscissa of the j-th pile


Ordinate of the j-th pile



This research has been developed under the auspices of research projects ReLUIS 2014-2017, granted by Italian Emergency Management Agency.


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  1. 1.Università della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”AversaItaly
  2. 2.Università di Napoli ParthenopeNapoliItaly

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