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First record of Lower Triassic Undichna spp. fish swimming traces from Emei, Sichuan Province, China

  • TingQing Lu
  • ZhanLei Wang
  • XiYan Yang
  • XiaoLi Zhang
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We discuss traces from the ichnospecies Undichna unisulca recorded from the Triassic that are reported for the first time in this paper. These fossils are also some of the oldest vertebrate ichnites discovered in China to date. The fish swimming traces (Undichna unisulca) described originate from the Lower Triassic. These traces were found in the Jialingjiang Formation and are located at a gorge ∼7.5 km from Emei, Sichuan Province, China. The ichnospecies Undichna unisulca consists of a regular sinusoidal wave. The wavelengths and amplitudes are quite constant between each specimen ranging between 28–32 mm and 9–12 mm, respectively. The fish swimming traces and distribution within the same bed are preserved as hypichnial ridges at the undersurface.


fish swimming trace Undichna unisulca Lower Triassic Jialingjiang Formation Emei Sichuan Province 


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  • ZhanLei Wang
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  • XiYan Yang
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  • XiaoLi Zhang
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