Regulating wrinkling patterns by periodic surface stiffness in film-substrate structures

  • Bo LiEmail author
  • ChongQing Zeng
  • SiFan Yin
  • XiQiao Feng
Article Special Topic: Current Progress in Solid Mechanics and Physical Mechanics


Surface wrinkling of materials holds promise for important applications in diverse fields such as multifunctional surfaces and biomedical engineering. For these applications, it is of interest to attain various surface wrinkles with tunable wavelengths and amplitudes. Through a combination of experiments and numerical simulations, we here propose a method to regulate the wrinkling patterns in a film-substrate system by introducing periodic surface stiffness, which is generated through sequential specified ultraviolet-ozone (UVO) treatments. Both experiments and numerical simulations demonstrate that the proposed technique can produce various patterns with wide, tunable geometrical features and anisotropy. The effects of surface stiffness distribution, the exposure durations of UVO-treatments, and the loading biaxiality are examined on the generated surface patterns.

film-substrate system wrinkling surface patterns stiffness modification 


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