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Suppression effect of ultrasound on pitting corrosion of SUS304 stainless steel in various NaCl solutions

  • Rongguang WangEmail author


The pitting corrosion behavior of SUS304 stainless steel was investigated by polarization in various NaCl aqueous solutions without and with applying ultrasound (US). The measurement was carried out at different distances from US vibrator to specimen, input powers to US vibrator, concentrations of dissolved oxygen (DO), concentrations of NaCl, pH values and temperatures. As the result, the pitting corrosion of SUS304 stainless steel was effectively suppressed by the application of US in solutions at frequency of 19.5 kHz and input power of 8 kW/m2, attributed to the stirring effect on occluded solution in pits after removing both the corrosion products and the metallic covers, which promoted the re-passivation of pits. In case of US application, pitting corrosion was largely suppressed in solutions with higher concentration of DO and lower concentrations of NaCl and protons at lower temperature.


ultrasound stainless steel corrosion suppression effect 


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical Systems EngineeringHiroshima Institute of TechnologyHiroshimaJapan

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