Dinosaur-bearing strata and K/T boundary in the Luanchuan-Tantou Basin of western Henan Province, China

  • XiaoJun JiangEmail author
  • YongQing Liu
  • ShuAn Ji
  • XingLiao Zhang
  • Li Xu
  • SongHai Jia
  • JunChang Lü
  • ChongXi Yuan
  • Ming Li
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The sequence stratigraphy and geochronology of the terrestrial dinosaur-bearing strata, i.e., the Qiupa Formation, were poorly studied in the Luanchuan-Tantou Basin in western Henan, China. This study shows that these strata represent a complete succession from the Late Cretaceous to the early Paleogene, including the K/T boundary, in this area. Here we report a detailed study of the K/T boundary, especially its stratigraphic sequence, sedimentary characteristics, integrity, continuity, and geological implications.


western Henan Luanchuan-Tantou Basin dinosaurs stratigraphy K/T boundary 


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