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Co3O4 nanosheets: synthesis and catalytic application for CO oxidation at room temperature

  • YongGe Lv
  • Yong Li
  • Na Ta
  • WenJie ShenEmail author


Hexagonal β-Co(OH)2 nanosheets with edge length of 50 nm and thickness of 10 nm were hydrothermally synthesized with the aid of triethylamine. Upon calcination at 350 °C in air, the β-Co(OH)2 nanosheets was converted into Co3O4 nanosheets with a similar dimension. Structural analyses during the calcination process identified that the β-Co(OH)2 precursor was initially dehydrated to HCoO2 and subsequently transferred into Co3O4. When being applied to catalyze CO oxidation at room temperature, the Co3O4 nanosheets exhibited a higher activity than the conventional spherical nanoparticles. This was perhaps related to the partial exposure of the {11\(\bar 2\)} planes over the Co3O4 nanosheets. The porous structure generated during the calcination process also provided significant amounts of surface defects, which might contribute to the enhanced catalytic activity as well.


Co3O4 nanosheets CO oxidation morphology-dependence nanocatalysis 


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