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Metric distortion in the geometric Schottky problem

  • Lizhen JiEmail author


The classical Schottky problem is concerned with characterization of Jacobian varieties of compact Riemann surfaces among all abelian varieties, or the identification of the Jacobian locus \(J(\mathcal{M}_g)\) in the moduli space \(\mathcal{A}_g\) of principally polarized abelian varieties as an algebraic subvariety. By viewing \(\mathcal{A}_g\) as a noncompact metric space coming from its structure as a locally symmetric space and \(J(\mathcal{M}_g)\) as a metric subspace, we compare the subspace metric d and the induced length metric ℓ on \(J(\mathcal{M}_g)\). Consequently, we clarify the nature of the metric distortion of the subspace \(J(\mathcal{M}_g)\) and hence settle a problem posed by Farb (2006) on the metric distortion of \(J(\mathcal{M}_g)\) inside \(\mathcal{A}_g\) in a certain sense (see Theorem 1.5 and Corollary 1.6).


metric distortion Schottky problem noncompact metric space 


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This work was supported by the Simons Foundation (Grant No. 353785). The author thanks an anonymous referee for his careful reading of this paper and his constructive suggestions.


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