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About malicious software in smartphones

  • Sampo Töyssy
  • Marko HeleniusEmail author
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Phones with some of the capabilities of modern computers also have the same kind of drawbacks. These phones are commonly referred to as smartphones. They have both phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) functionality. Typical to these devices is to have a wide selection of different connectivity options from general packet radio service (GPRS) data transfer to multi media messages (MMS) and wireless local area network (WLAN) capabilities. They also have standardized operating systems, which makes smartphones a viable platform for malware writers. Since the design of the operating systems is recent, many common security holes and vulnerabilities have been taken into account during the design. However, these precautions have not fully protected these devices. Even now, when smartphones are not that common, there is a handful of viruses for them. In this paper we will discuss some of the most typical viruses in the mobile environment and propose guidelines and predictions for the future.


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