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Marc Goergen: International Corporate Governance

Pearson, 2012, 336 pages, approx. USD 50
  • Philipp HorschEmail author
Book review

Marc Goergen, Professor of Finance at the Cardiff Business School and long-time author of scientific articles on corporate finance and corporate governance, shares his knowledge of international corporate governance. He complements previous corporate governance textbooks by considering a variety of international corporate governance systems instead of only focusing on UK and US corporate governance systems. Widening the geographic scope shows that the objectives of corporate governance vary across the world and that different challenges need different solutions. Thus, one of Marc Goergen’s main messages is that no corporate governance system is perfect and that the diversity of corporate governance systems is not necessarily bad. This is an interesting conclusion considering that in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 regulators rather tended to lobby for greater harmonization of corporate governance systems.

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