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Generalized Weighted Morrey Estimates for Marcinkiewicz Integrals with Rough Kernel Associated with Schrödinger Operator and Their Commutators

  • Ferit GürbüzEmail author


Let L = −Δ + V(x) be a Schrödinger operator, where Δ is the Laplacian on ℝn, while nonnegative potential V(x) belonging to the reverse Hölder class. The aim of this paper is to give generalized weighted Morrey estimates for the boundedness of Marcinkiewicz integrals with rough kernel associated with Schrödinger operator and their commutators. Moreover, the boundedness of the commutator operators formed by BMO functions and Marcinkiewicz integrals with rough kernel associated with Schröodinger operators is discussed on the generalized weighted Morrey spaces. As its special cases, the corresponding results of Marcinkiewicz integrals with rough kernel associated with Schroödinger operator and their commutators have been deduced, respectively. Also, Marcinkiewicz integral operators, rough Hardy-Littlewood (H-L for short) maximal operators, Bochner-Riesz means and parametric Marcinkiewicz integral operators which satisfy the conditions of our main results can be considered as some examples.


Marcinkiewicz operator Rough kernel Schrödinger operator generalized weighted Morrey space Commutator BMO 

2000 MR Subject Classification

42B20 42B35 


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  1. 1.Faculty of Education, Department of Mathematics EducationHakkari UniversityHakkariTurkey

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