Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B

, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp 161–186 | Cite as

Stability of Rarefaction Wave to the 1-D Piston Problem for the Pressure-Gradient Equations

  • Min DingEmail author


The 1-D piston problem for the pressure gradient equations arising from the flux-splitting of the compressible Euler equations is considered. When the total variations of the initial data and the velocity of the piston are both sufficiently small, the author establishes the global existence of entropy solutions including a strong rarefaction wave without restriction on the strength by employing a modified wave front tracking method.


Piston problem Pressure gradient equations Rarefaction wave Wave front tracking method Interaction of waves 

2000 MR Subject Classification

35A01 35L50 35Q35 35R35 76N10 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, School of ScienceWuhan University of TechnologyWuhanChina

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