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Correction to: Characterizing natural riparian vegetation for modeling of flow and suspended sediment transport

  • Kaisa Västilä
  • Juha Järvelä

Erratum to: J Soils Sediments

The authors regret that the article contains a typing mistake in Eq. (5), with an u C 2 term accidentally appearing at the right hand side of the squared brackets. Originally, Eq. (5) was correctly derived in Västilä and Järvelä (2014) and should read:
$$ {f}^{\prime \prime }=4\left[{C}_{D\chi, F}{\left(\frac{u_C}{u_{\chi, F}}\right)}^{\chi_F}\frac{A_L}{A_B}+{C}_{D\chi, S}{\left(\frac{u_C}{u_{\chi, S}}\right)}^{\chi_S}\frac{A_S}{A_B}\right] $$
Subsequently, the revised Fig. 6 with the corrected Eq. (5) is shown below. The typing mistake does not affect any of the results or conclusions presented in the article.
Fig. 6

Usage of the flow resistance parameterization (Eqs. 2–6) in plant-scale, plant stand-scale, and reach-scale analyses at different relative submergences (h/H). The recommended characteristic approach velocities (u C ) are shown, with u v denoting the mean velocity in the vegetated part of the cross-section. Equations are written for the drag force (F), vegetative friction factor (f”), drag–density parameter (C D a), drag–area parameter (C D aH) and vegetative Manning coefficient (n veg) using the one-sided leaf area (A L ), frontal projected stem area (A S ), unit bed area (A B ), the leaf area per unit volume (a L ) and the stem area per unit volume (a S ). Values of χ F , χ S , C Dχ,F , C Dχ,S , u χ,F , and u χ,S are reported in Table 2 for common riparian species. Note that all vegetative reference areas refer to the wet parts of the plants


  1. Västilä K, Järvelä J (2014) Modeling the flow resistance of woody vegetation using physically-based properties of the foliage and stem. Water Resour Res 50(1):229–245.

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