A new captain on the bridge

  • Mary Ann CurranEmail author
  • Matthias Finkbeiner
  • Fritz Schmuhl


Dear Readers, as the American author and inspirational leader, John C. Maxwell, once said, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional”. Over its 23-year history, the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment has seen both change and fantastic growth. This editorial announces a change in the editorial staff that is underway. Effective January 2020, Matthias Finkbeiner of the Technical University Berlin will change from subject editor for the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment team to Editor-in-Chief, at which point Mary Ann Curran will step down. Fritz Schmuhl of Springer invites all to thank Mary Ann both for her past work and her continued leadership this year, and in tandem warmly welcome Matthias.


Editor-in-chief Editor Journal IJLCA 



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