A Critical Decade Needs Deeper Analysis

(Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, 2020), 320p. $93 hardcover; $52 e-book
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Zhiqun Zhu’s book, entitled A Critical Decade: China’s Foreign Policy (2008–2018) was published at a time with heightened U.S-China contention and America’s growing anxiety with Chinese foreign policy. The book compiles Zhu’s decade-long engagement with public policy questions regarding China and Chinese foreign policy. The main contents are three-fold: 1) Zhu’s interviews with American, Asian and other media on topical issues during the decade; 2) Zhu’s talks at different institutions in America, China, and Asia-Pacific; 3) his online commentaries published in e-International Relations, The Diplomat, and other popular newspapers. The topics covered are very extensive: U.S-China relations, the Korean Peninsula, China’s relations with India and Japan, the Taiwan Issue, global and regional cooperation, as well as the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s soft power projection.

As a whole, the book demonstrates that public demand for information on China and its foreign policy has grown...

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