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Karen Eggleston, Jean C. Oi, and Yiming Wang, eds., Challenges in the Process of China’s Urbanization

(Stanford, CA: Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, 2017), 250p. $24.95 paperback
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Book Review

China has experienced rapid urbanization since the reform era began. By 2013, the urban population in China was 731.11 million, which accounts for 51.5% of total households. Moreover, the central government has recently proposed the National New Urbanization Plan (2014–2020) to further promote the process of sustainable, human-centered urbanization. For response, publications on Chinese urbanization have flourished in recent years and attempted to shed light on different fields, including urban planning, infrastructure, finance, and governance. Among the works that have provided insight into features of China’s urbanization, this book undoubtedly makes an important and policy-focused contribution to explore a series of key challenges in the ongoing process of urbanization.

This volume was edited by three experts with different backgrounds: Dr. Karen Eggleston is a policy and economic researcher focusing on Asian studies in comparative perspectives, Dr. Jean C. Oi is a senior professor...

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