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Correction to: Social Risk Management at AIIB – Chinese or International Characteristics?

  • Bettina GransowEmail author
  • Susanna Price

Correction to: J OF CHIN POLIT SCI

When transforming the references of this paper into a numerical system during the production process, some sources became wrongly related to authors of other references and one reference disappeared. These errors in the paper’s bibliographical information were caused by Springer Nature. The correct information is as follows:

Page 4, paragraph 3, third line from below: Instead of “([26, 33]:154; [12]:215)” it should be “([12]:215; [26]:154; [33])”. The page number 154 relates to [26] Li Kaimeng and not to [33].

Page 7, end of paragraph 2: Instead of “([44:4])” it should be “([45:4])”. The source here is Wang Yongzhong, not Wang Yiwei.

Page 10, the citation “(ESP 2016 para 1)” should be “([2]:7)”.

Page 12, the citations “(AIIB ESF: 10) and (AIIB ESF: 10 para 13)” should be ([2]:10) and ([2]:10 para 13) respectively.

Page 17, paragraph 1, line 11, and paragraph 3, line 5: The reference “(NDRC et al 2015)” is missing in the reference list. The source is: NDRC. 2015. Vision and proposed actions outlined on jointly building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, issued together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce of the PR China, with State Council Authorization. In [44] (Appendix):189–207).

Page 17, paragraph 3, line 4: Instead of “([45]: 73,74)” it should be “([44]: 73,74)”. The reference is Wang Yiwei, not Wang Yongzhong.

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  2. 2.College of Asia and the PacificAustralian National UniversityCanberraAustralia

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