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Punya Mishra and Danah Henriksen: Creativity, Technology & Education: Exploring their Convergence

Springer, 2018, 124 pp
  • Yanmei YinEmail author

The booming of technology is changing Chinese people’s life. Facing the rapid changing world driven by globalization and technology, we need to reconsider our practice in this world and pay more attention on creativity. As we all know, creativity is the sustainable power of technology development which calls for more talented creators for further development. But on the contrary, our education system is suppressing students’ innate creativity potentials with uniform curricula and mechanized teaching method.

Creativity, Technology& Education Exploring their Convergence, a pioneering book by Punya Mishra and Danah Henriksen, pays special attention to rethink creativity, and technology in education. The book starts from discussing the definition of creativity and tries to find out the possibility and method of developing students’ creativity in education.

The book has 13 chapters, and the chapters are separated into chapter one and four parts. Chapter one introduces the whole book. And...

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