Recent developments in MnO2-based photocatalysts for organic dye removal: a review

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The textile industry consumes a large volume of organic dyes and water. These organic dyes, which remained in the effluents, are usually persistent and difficult to degrade by conventional wastewater treatment techniques. If the wastewater is not treated properly and is discharged into water system, it will cause environmental pollution and risk to living organisms. To mitigate these impacts, the photo-driven catalysis process using semiconductor materials emerges as a promising approach. The semiconductor photocatalysts are able to remove the organic effluent through their mineralization and decolorization abilities. Besides the commonly used titanium dioxide (TiO2), manganese dioxide (MnO2) is a potential photocatalyst for wastewater treatment. MnO2 has a narrow bandgap energy of 1~2 eV. Thus, it possesses high possibility to be driven by visible light and infrared light for dye degradation. This paper reviews the MnO2-based photocatalysts in various aspects, including its fundamental and photocatalytic mechanisms, recent progress in the synthesis of MnO2 nanostructures in particle forms and on supporting systems, and regeneration of photocatalysts for repeated use. In addition, the effect of various factors that could affect the photocatalytic performance of MnO2 nanostructures are discussed, followed by the future prospects of the development of this semiconductor photocatalysts towards commercialization.

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