Some comments on using of Web of Science for bibliometric studies [Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. Vol. 25]

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Letter to the Editor

In Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 25, Web of Science was used in five different articles, entitled “Past, current, and future research on microalga-derived biodiesel: A critical review and bibliometric analysis” (Ma et al. 2018), “Trends on PM2.5 research, 1997–2016: A bibliometric study” (Yang et al. 2018), “Global development of the studies focused on antibiotics in aquatic systems from 1945 to 2017” (Zheng et al. 2018), “Global trends and future prospects of food waste research: A bibliometric analysis” (Zhang et al. 2018), and “The way forward confronting eco-environmental challenges during land use practices: A bibliometric analysis” (Wu et al. 2018).

The Web of Science database was initially designed for researchers to find literatures, but instead the authors used it to carry out bibliometric studies (Ho 2018a, b). Hence, it is always necessary to utilize the correct bibliometric method when using the Web of Science database (Ho 2018a, b). Research is the...



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