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Detection of outliers in pollutant emissions from the Soto de Ribera coal-fired power plant using functional data analysis: a case study in northern Spain

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For more than a century, air pollution has been one of the most important environmental problems in cities. Pollution is a threat to human health and is responsible for many deaths every year all over the world. This paper deals with the topic of functional outlier detection. Functional analysis is a novel mathematical tool employed for the recognition of outliers. This methodology is applied here to the emissions of a coal-fired power plant. This research uses two different methods, called functional high-density region (HDR) boxplot and functional bagplot. Please note that functional bagplots were developed using bivariate bagplots as a starting point. Indeed, they are applied to the first two robust principal component scores. Both methodologies were applied for the detection of outliers in the time pollutant emission curves that were built using, as inputs, the discrete information available from an air quality monitoring data record station and the subsequent smoothing of this dataset for each pollutant. In this research, both new methodologies are tested to detect outliers in pollutant emissions performed over a long period of time in an urban area. These pollutant emissions have been treated in order to use them as vectors whose components are pollutant concentration values for each observation made. Note that although the recording of pollutant emissions is made in a discrete way, these methodologies use pollutants as curves, identifying the outliers by a comparison of curves rather than vectors. Then, the concept of outlier goes from being a point to a curve that employs the functional depth as the indicator of curve distance. In this study, it is applied to the detection of outliers in pollutant emissions from a coal-fired power plant located on the outskirts of the city of Oviedo, located in the north of Spain and capital of the Principality of Asturias. Also, strengths of the functional methods are explained.

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The authors wish to acknowledge the computational support provided by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oviedo, as well as pollutant data from the Santa Marina air quality automated monitoring station supplied by the Section of Industry and Energy from the Government of Asturias (Spain). We would like to thank Anthony Ashworth for his revision of the English grammar and spelling of the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Fernando Sánchez-Lasheras.

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  • Functional data analysis
  • Outlier detection
  • Air pollution
  • Gas emissions
  • Functional bagplot
  • Functional high-density region (HDR) boxplot