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Design and experimental investigations on six-stroke SI engine using acetylene with water injection

  • Keshav GuptaEmail author
  • Kishanlal Suthar
  • Sheetal Kumar Jain
  • Ghanshyam Das Agarwal
  • Ashish Nayyar
Research Article


In the present study, a four-stroke cycle gasoline engine is redesigned and converted into a six-stroke cycle engine and experimental study has been conducted using gasoline and acetylene as fuel with water injection at the end of the recompression stroke. Acetylene has been used as an alternative fuel along with gasoline and performance of the six-stroke spark ignition (SI) engine with these two fuels has been studied separately and compared. Brake power and thermal efficiency are found to be 5.18 and 1.55% higher with acetylene as compared to gasoline in the six-stroke engine. However, thermal efficiency is found to be 45% higher with acetylene in the six-stroke engine as compared to four-stroke SI engine. The CO and HC emissions were found to be reduced by 13.33 and 0.67% respectively with acetylene as compared to gasoline due to better combustion of acetylene. The NOx emission was reduced by 5.65% with acetylene due to lower peak temperature by water injection. The experimental results showed better engine performance and emissions with acetylene as fuel in the six-stroke engine.


Acetylene fuel Six-stroke engine Exhaust heat recovery Water injection Engine performance 



Spark ignition


Carbon monoxide




Nitrogen oxides


Carbon dioxide


Liquefied petroleum gas


Crank angle


Top dead center


Non-dispersive infrared radiation


Mean effective pressure


Fuel consumption


Brake power


Brake thermal efficiency



Net work (watt)


Displacement volume (m3)


Speed (RPM)


Number of crank revolution


Power (Watt)


Torque (N-m)



The accomplishment of this project was indeed very challenging and we overcame it with the help of department of Mechanical Engineering at Arya Group of Colleges, Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan. We would like to thank Dr. Swati Saxena, HOD Chemistry, Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women, Bhakrota, Jaipur, Rajasthan, for helping us in the completion of this project.


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  1. 1.Arya Institute of Engineering & TechnologyJaipurIndia
  2. 2.Arya College of Engineering & I.TJaipurIndia
  3. 3.MNITJaipurIndia
  4. 4.SKITJaipurIndia

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