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Controlling risks of P water pollution by sorption on soils, pyritic material, granitic material, and different by-products: effects of pH and incubation time

  • Aurora Romar-Gasalla
  • Juan Carlos Nóvoa-Muñoz
  • Manuel Arias-Estévez
  • María J. Fernández-Sanjurjo
  • Esperanza Álvarez-Rodríguez
  • Avelino Núñez-DelgadoEmail author
Low cost organic and inorganic sorbents to fight soil and water pollution


Batch experiments were used to test P sorbent potential of soil samples, pyritic and granitic materials, mussel shell, mussel shell ash, sawdust, and slate waste fines for different pH and incubation times. Maximum P sorption varied in a wide range of pH: < 4 for pyritic material, 4–6 for forest soil, > 5 for slate fines, > 6 for shell ash, and pH 6–8 for mussel shell. P sorption was rapid (< 24 h) for forest soil, shell ash, pyritic material, and fine shell. On the opposite side, it was clearly slower for vineyard soil, granitic material, slate fines, pine sawdust, and coarse shell, with increased P sorption even 1 month later. For any incubation time, P sorption was > 90% in shell ash, whereas forest soil, pyritic material, and fine shell showed sorption rates approaching 100% within 24 h of incubation. These results could be useful to manage and/or recycle the sorbents tested when focusing on P immobilization or removal, in circumstances where pH changes and where contact time may vary from hours to days, thus aiding to diminish P pollution and subsequent eutrophication risks, promoting conservation and sustainability.


By-products Forest and vineyard soils Phosphorus Recycling Sorption Water pollution 



This work was supported by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Government of Spain), through grant numbers CGL2012-36805-C02-01 and CGL2012-36805-C02-02. It also received funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (FEDER in Spain), being a complement to the previous grants, without additional grant number.

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  • Aurora Romar-Gasalla
    • 1
  • Juan Carlos Nóvoa-Muñoz
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  • Manuel Arias-Estévez
    • 2
  • María J. Fernández-Sanjurjo
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  • Esperanza Álvarez-Rodríguez
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  • Avelino Núñez-Delgado
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  1. 1.Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Engineering Polytechnic SchoolUniversidade de Santiago de CompostelaLugoSpain
  2. 2.Department of Plant Biology and Soil Science, Faculty of SciencesUniversidade de VigoOurenseSpain

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