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Study of polyamide thin film characteristics impact on permeability/selectivity performance and fouling behavior of forward osmosis membrane

  • Masoud Rastgar
  • Alireza ShakeriEmail author
  • Hasan Salehi
Water Industry: Water-Energy-Health Nexus


In recent years, forward osmosis (FO) has received considerable attention due to its huge potentials in water desalination. The thin film composite (TFC) membrane used in the FO desalination consists of a bottom support layer covered by an active layer on top. Polyamide (PA) is commonly employed as an active layer forming via interfacial polymerization between m-phenylenediamine (MPD) and trimesoyl chloride (TMC) monomers. In this study, the effects that the MPD and TMC concentrations could have on the performance and anti-fouling behavior of the obtained FO membrane have been investigated. Results showed that there is a trade-off relationship between the water flux and salt rejection, which by increasing MPD concentration, the water flux was reducedو while the salt rejection was enhanced. Also, by increasing the TMC concentration, an opposite trend was observed. Using 0.20 wt.% of TMC monomer, the highest water fluxes of 21.6 LMH and 29.3 LMH were achieved in two different membrane configurations. Furthermore, higher TMC concentration caused better anti-fouling property, when PA active layer of the membrane was in a high fouling potential environment.


Thin film composite Polyamide film Interfacial polymerization Forward osmosis Anti-fouling behavior 



We would like to acknowledge University of Tehran for received financial and instrumental supports.


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