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F sorption/desorption on two soils and on different by-products and waste materials

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We used batch-type experiments to study F sorption/desorption on a forest soil, a vineyard soil, pyritic material, granitic material, finely and coarsely ground mussel shell, mussel shell calcination ash, oak wood ash, pine-sawdust, slate processing fines, and three different mixtures that included three components: sewage sludge, mussel shell ash, and calcined mussel shell or pine wood ash. The three waste mixtures, forest soil, pyritic material, and shell ash showed high sorption capacity (73–91 % of added F) and low desorption, even when 100 mg F L−1 was added. All these materials (and to a lower extent wood ash) could be useful to remove F from polluted media (as certain soils, dumping sites, and contaminated waters). The vineyard soil, the granitic material, mussel shell, slate fines, and pine-sawdust were less effective in F removal. In most cases, sorption data fitted better to the Freundlich than to the Langmuir equation. These results can be useful to program the correct management of the soils, by-products, and waste materials assayed, mostly in situations where F concentrations are excessive and F removal should be promoted.

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This study was funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Government of Spain), grant numbers CGL2012-36805-C02-01 and CGL2012-36805-C02-02. It was also partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (FEDER in Spain). Dr. Remigio Paradelo-Núñez holds a Juan de la Cierva post-doctoral contract (JCI-2012-11778).

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