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A comparison of metal distribution in surface dust and soil among super city, town, and rural area

  • Yingxia LiEmail author
  • Yang Yu
  • Zhifeng Yang
  • Zhenyao Shen
  • Xuan Wang
  • Yanpeng Cai
Research Article


One super city leading and supported by surrounding smaller cities, towns, and countries is a typical regional development pattern in China. To study the metal enrichment differences in environment among these regions, 91 urban surface dust and rural surface soil samples were collected from Beijing center (BJC), Miyun town (MYT), and Miyun county (MYC). Cu and Sb concentrations in urban surface dust of BJC were much higher than the less crowded MYT which stood out as a good indicator for brake system wear. Cd, Cu, Hg, Pb, Sb, and Zn concentrations in urban surface dust were 1.48, 1.57, 2.73, 1.58, 6.20, and 1.98 times higher than rural surface soils on average, respectively. Aerosol sedimentation was shown to mainly contribute to Cd and Pb in urban surface dust in parks and forest soils. Hospitals and clinics were found to contribute much Hg to the surrounding environment.


Beijing center Metals Miyun county Miyun town Rural surface soils Urban surface dust 



This research was supported by the National Science Foundation for Innovative Research Group (Grant. 51121003), the National Science Foundation of China (Grant 51278054), and the FST Short Term PD & VF Scheme 2013 and MYRG072(Y1-L2)-FST13-LIC from University of Macao. The authors are grateful for the support.

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