A survey of issues and solutions of health data management systems

  • Anindita Sarkar MondalEmail author
  • Sarmistha Neogy
  • Nandini Mukherjee
  • Samiran Chattopadhyay
Review Article


In the recent era, data science plays an important role in the health-care domain to provide a cost-effective and better treatment procedure. To achieve this goal, the data management system has a huge contribution by controlling, arranging, storing and preprocessing a large volume of health dataset. Already there are a lot of investigation and designing of different approaches to support the big data applications in different domain. Still, management of big data is a challenging task for the data scientist due to the complex characteristics of data and demands of the application. In this survey paper, we discuss the occurring challenges and it’s possible solutions by considering the entities related to data services. It will help the data scientist to understand the supporting parameters of data storage system for designing big data management system.


Big data management system Health-care domain Data application Issues and challenges Data storage 



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