Special issue: software verification and testing

  • Mohammad Reza Mousavi
  • Jun Pang

Welcome to the special issue dedicated to the selected extended papers of the Software Verification and Testing (SVT 2012) track held at the 27th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM SAC 2012). SVT 2012 attracted 43 submissions of which 12 papers were selected for presentation and publication in the proceedings of ACM SAC 2012. From these 12 papers, six were invited to the special issue and after several rigorous rounds of reviews (by at least three expert reviewers), five papers were accepted for inclusion in this special issue. This means that less than 12 percent of our initial submissions, after several rounds of review and revision, made their way into the special issue before you.

The SVT track brings together academic researchers and industry R&D expertise to discuss new results in formal verification and testing, as well as development of technologies to improve the usability of formal methods in software engineering. The SVT track’s topics of interest include:
  • tools and...


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