Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering

, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 223–231

From use cases to test cases via meta model-based reasoning

Position paper: work in progress
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In Use cases considered harmful, Simons has analyzed the logical weaknesses of the UML use case notation and has recommended to “fix the faulty notion of dependency” (Simons: Use cases considered harmful. 29th Conference on Techn. of OO Lang. and Syst., pp 194–203, 1999). The project sketched in this position paper is inspired by Simons’ critique. The main contribution of this paper is a detailed meta model of possible relations between use cases. Later in the project this meta model is then to be formalized in a natural deduction calculus which shall be implemented in the Prolog. As a result of such formalization a use case specification can be queried for inconsistencies as well as for test cases which must be observable after a software system is implemented based on such a use case specification. Software tool support for this method is also under development.


Use cases Test cases Meta model Prolog 


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