Model-based requirements analysis for reactive systems with UML sequence diagrams and coloured petri nets

  • Kristian Bisgaard Lassen
  • Simon Tjell
Original Paper


In this paper, we describe a formal foundation for a specialized approach to automatically check traces against real-time requirements. The traces are obtained from simulation of coloured petri net (CPN) models of reactive systems. The real-time requirements are expressed in terms of a derivative of UML 2.0 high-level sequence diagrams. The automated requirement checking is part of a bigger tool framework in which VDM++ is applied to automatically generate initial CPN models based on problem diagrams. These models are manually enhanced to provide behavioral descriptions of the environment and the system itself.


Requirements engineering VDM++ UML 2.0 Real-time Coloured petri nets 


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  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of AarhusAarhus NDenmark

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