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An intelligent system for automatic layout routing in aerospace design


This paper discusses the development of an intelligent routing system for automating design of electrical wiring harnesses and pipes in aircraft. The system employs knowledge based engineering (KBE) methods and technologies for capturing and implementing rules and engineering knowledge relating to the routing process. The system reads a mesh of three dimensional structure and obstacles falling within a given search space and connects source and target terminals satisfying a knowledge base of design rules and best practices. Routed paths are output as computer aided design (CAD) readable geometry, and a finite element (FE) mesh consisting of geometry, routed paths and a knowledge layer providing detail of the rules and knowledge implemented in the process. Use of this intelligent routing system provides structure to the routing design process and has potential to deliver significant savings in time and cost.

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  • Intelligent systems
  • Knowledge based engineering
  • Routing
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Design automation