Sleep and Breathing

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Reviewer thank you 2018


The Editors-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of Sleep and Breathing thank the many reviewers for their work and their willingness to share their expertise. The reviewers’ critical feedback to researchers enhances the quality of submissions to the Journal. Careful and critical reviews of manuscripts shape future progress of sleep medicine in general and improve the health of the Journal specifically. In 2018, the contributions of the following reviewers have been greatly valued.

Alexopoulos, Emmanouel

Almeida, Fernanda

Alvarez, D.

Alvarez Sala, Rudolfo

Alves, Cláudia

Amra, Babak

Aouadi, Samira

Araujo, Paula

Arens, Philipp

Arzt, Michael

Asghari, Alimohamad

Attarian, Hrayr

Auckley, Dennis

Ayappa, Indu

Ayas, Najib

Bachour, Adel

Bailes, Sally

Bakour, Chighaf

Baptista Jardin, Peter Michael

Barbe, Ferran

Barbosa, Diego

Basoglu, Ozen

Belaich, Rachida

Berggren, Diana

Berro, Lais

Beyers, Jolien

Bhushan, Bharat

Bin, Yu Sun

Bittencourt, Lia

Bitter, Thomas

Blau, Alexander

Bliwise, Donald



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