Transition Studies Review

, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp 660–673

Justice Sector Reform in Afghanistan: From a ‘Lead Nation’ Approach to a ‘Mixed Ownership’ Regime?

International Order, Security and Strategic Studies

DOI: 10.1007/s11300-008-0041-2

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Tondini, M. Transit Stud Rev (2009) 15: 660. doi:10.1007/s11300-008-0041-2


The article describes the policy-making structure which governs the reform of justice in Afghanistan. It is characterized by an evolution from a bilateral to a multilateral approach, aimed at increasing the Afghan ownership. However, observing the system ‘from within’, it seems currently ruled by a mixed regime, being still deeply influenced by external inputs. As a consequence, the final outcome of the process remains uncertain.


Afghanistan Donors Justice system Lead nations Local ownership 

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O19 F54 H56 K49 

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  1. 1.IMT, Lucca Institute for Advanced StudiesLuccaItaly

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