Transition Studies Review

, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp 701–712

The Problem of Adaptation of the Diaspora Armenians in Transition Armenia

Society, History and Culture


The spontaneous process of immigration of Diaspora Armenians to Armenia started in 1990s. The absence of a relevant policy in the Diaspora and in the Republic of Armenia made the social cost of relocation for many immigrants rather high. New contacts turned into a psychological, social and cultural ordeal for both the relocated and local residents. The group isolation within parts of one unit as a problem has a tendency to grow. Research uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies to understand the challenges of immigrants in the Armenian reality, to identify policy and ideology gaps to overcome those challenges. The conclusions of the research can help policy-makers and interested/relevant organizations in Armenia and the Diaspora in the development of policies to regulate the spontaneous and ineffective processes in and out of the country, and direct all Armenians forces to country democratisation processes.


Isolation Adaptation Integration Democratization 

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  1. 1.University of Practical Psychology and Socialogy UrartuYerevanArmenia

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