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Education, Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development: a Review of the G8–Unesco Forum

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The G8–Unesco World Forum recently held in Trieste examined the relationship between knowledge and sustainable development, focusing on the gap between industrialised and developing countries. In reviewing the proceedings, I provide some comments on the issue of turning the broad ideas discussed during the Forum into concrete actions. Despite being the Forum largely interdisciplinary, important aspects of knowledge were not explicitly considered, namely, humanities and social sciences, as well as indigenous knowledge. The focus on research in “hard” sciences did permit a thorough discussion of a number of crucial issues but found its limits when ideas had to turn into actions. This is particularly important for sustainable development, when community involvement at regional and local levels is key in obtaining feasible solutions. In order to help promote knowledge creation and dissemination in practice, this paper will concentrate on highlighting a common ground of agreement, from different perspectives, and what ought to be done in future for promoting a better match between all knowledge components and sustainable development.

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Correspondence to Patrizia Tiberi Vipraio.

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Vipraio, P. Education, Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development: a Review of the G8–Unesco Forum. Transition Stud Rev 14, 381–396 (2007). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11300-007-0152-1

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