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The post-transcriptional regulation of LaSCL6 by miR171 during maintenance of embryogenic potential in Larix kaempferi (Lamb.) Carr.


Somatic embryogenesis provides an opportunity to explore the mechanisms underlying the determination of cell fate. In a previous study, differential levels of mature miR171 were found between embryogenic and non-embryogenic cultures and during somatic embryo maturation in Larix kaempferi (Lamb.) Carr. However, little is known about its target genes in these processes. Here, a full-length cDNA for the SCARECROW-LIKE 6 (SCL6) homolog from L. kaempferi, LaSCL6, was cloned. Sequence analysis showed that the miR171 target sequence was present in the LaSCL6 transcript. Isolation of the miRNA-guided cleavage products of LaSCL6 further suggested that this gene was being regulated by miR171. LaSCL6 transcript levels in embryogenic and non-embryogenic cultures and during the late stage of somatic embryo maturation were measured, and the results showed that cleavage of the LaSCL6 mRNAs occurred actively in embryogenic cultures. Based on the relationships between the expression patterns of LaSCL6 and mature miR171, we concluded that the post-transcriptional regulation of LaSCL6 by miR171 might participate in the maintenance of embryogenic potential, providing new insights into the regulatory mechanisms of somatic embryogenesis.

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This work was supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (2009CB119106), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (30830086, 31200464), and the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (2011AA100203, 2013AA102704). The authors thank Dr. IC Bruce (Zhejiang University) and Dr. Yong Guo (Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) for the critical reading of the manuscript.

Data archiving statement

The full-length cDNA sequences have been submitted to GenBank with the accession number JX280920 for LaSCL6, and JX157845 for LaEF1A1.

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Correspondence to Li-Wang Qi.

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Communicated by J. Dean

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  • Larix kaempferi (Lamb.) Carr
  • LaSCL6
  • miR171
  • Somatic embryogenesis