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Development of an STS map of an interspecific progeny of Malus

  • F. Fernández-Fernández
  • K. M. Evans
  • J. B. Clarke
  • C. L. Govan
  • C. M. James
  • S. Marič
  • K. R. Tobutt
Original Paper


Simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers developed from Malus, as well as Prunus, Pyrus and Sorbus, and some other sequence-tagged site (STS) loci were analysed in an interspecific F1 apple progeny from the cross ‘Fiesta’ × ‘Totem’ that segregated for several agronomic characters. A linkage map was constructed using 259 STS loci (247 SSRs, four SCARs and eight known-function genes) and five genes for agronomic traits—scab resistance (Vf), mildew resistance (Pl-2), columnar growth habit (Co), red tissues (Rt) and green flesh background colour (Gfc). Ninety SSR loci and three genes (ETR1, Rt and Gfc) were mapped for the first time in apple. The transferability of markers from other Maloideae to Malus was found to be around 44%. The loci are spread across 17 linkage groups, corresponding to the basic chromosome number of Malus and cover 1,208 cM, approximately 85% of the estimated length of the apple genome. Interestingly, we have extended the top of LG15 with eight markers covering 25 cM. The average map density is 4.7 cM per marker; however, marker density varies greatly between linkage groups, from 2.5 in LG14 to 8.9 in LG7, with some areas of the genome still in need of further STS markers for saturation.


Apple linkage map Microsatellite transferability Red tissue Ethylene 



The authors would like to thank Dr. A. Marchese for kindly providing Prunus SSR data and Dr. D.J. Sargent for the provision of ANS, DFR and PGLM data. Pome fruit genetics research at East Malling is supported by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). S. Marič acknowledges the receipt of a grant from the British Council.

Supplementary material

11295_2007_124_MOESM1_ESM.doc (764 kb)
Table S1 Locus name, amplification method, allele sizes in the parents, segregation type and ratios (expected and observed), results for χ 2 goodness-of-fit test and linkage group of the Malus progeny from the cross ‘Fiesta’ × ‘Totem’ for all SSRs tested (764 KB).


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  • K. M. Evans
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  • J. B. Clarke
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  • C. L. Govan
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  • C. M. James
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