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First brachial cleft cyst in the parotid area

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A first brachial cleft cyst was detected in the parotid area of a 66-year-old Japanese man complaining of swelling in the left upper neck. Although the lesion was suggestive of a cyst, based on computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, the lesion was misdiagnosed as a benign tumor, because it was thought to localize to the parotid and most lesions occurring in the parotid gland are tumors. The histopathological diagnosis was a first brachial cleft cyst or a so-called lymphoepithelial cyst. This case demonstrates that it may be difficult to differentiate a cyst from a benign tumor in the parotid area.

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Correspondence to Yuka Uchiyama.

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Akiyama, H., Tamaki, J., Shimamoto, H. et al. First brachial cleft cyst in the parotid area. Oral Radiol 22, 89–92 (2006). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11282-006-0052-9

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  • First brachial cleft cyst
  • Parotid gland
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  • MRI