Implementation of Reconfigurable Transceiver using GNU Radio and HackRF One

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Relying on the past technology radio reception through hardware needs front end tuning which in turn internally changes the frequency of the capacitor. Thus the conventional radio can capture the required frequency by tuning manually. As the technology advances the wireless technology shown the light of cognition through which real time data transmission and reception are implemented using reconfigurable radio i.e., Software Defined Radio (SDR) whose physical layer functions are mainly or fully defined by software. In this paper, HackRFOne (Software defined Radio SDR) is tuned to the required radio frequency by employing GNU Radio Companion and Gqrx (spectrum viewer), where both GNU Radio and Gqrx are an open ended software. Cognitive Radio have revealed that by varying the software, the hardware adjustment is possible only within a fraction of the time. However, this requires more knowledge on signal processing blocks so that adjusting certain parameters like gain and frequency of filter can be made in the receiver side. The goal of this paper is to focus on the signal processing blocks which plays vital role in implementing the transmitter / receiver for reconfigurable wireless communication system.

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