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Trellis Exploration Based Hybrid Precoding and Distributed Antenna Array Structures in Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems

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This paper concerns a downlink single user millimeter wave MIMO system in which the base station is equipped with distributed antenna arrays. Assuming that the fading channel is composite and comprised of large scale fading and small scale fading, this paper investigates mainly the distributed antenna array structures and practical hybrid precoding. In particular, three different layouts of distributed antenna arrays are considered and their spectral efficiencies are analyzed. In addition, a trellis exploration algorithm with a lower implementation complexity and cost is proposed, which can obtain the optimal analog precoder with finite resolution. Simulation results show that the circular antenna layout with a central remote antenna unit is the best choice for the distributed system. Furthermore, the results indicate that our proposed algorithm can achieve the spectral efficiency that is very close to that of matrix factorization algorithm.

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  • Hybrid precoding
  • Distributed antenna arrays
  • Millimeter wave MIMO
  • Large scale fading
  • Trellis exploration