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Theoretical Approach to Optimization of Home Subscriber Server in IP Multimedia Subsystem

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Our paper deals with structure of Home Subscriber Server in IP Multimedia Subsystem and mathematical models for optimizing this database. The aim of our work is choose and verify proper models for dimensioning of traffic in the HSS. In this paper we describe the Markov M/M/1/K and M/M/m/K models and Erlang C formula. Simulations are graphically interpreted in MATLAB and results are discussed.

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This article was created with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic within the KEGA agency project—007STU4/2016 Progressive educational methods in the eld of telecommunications multiservice networks and VEGA agency project—1/0462/17 Modeling of qualitative parameters in IMS networks.

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  • Erlang C
  • HSS
  • IMS
  • queueing models