Providing a Way to Create Balance Between Reliability and Delays in SDN Networks by Using the Appropriate Placement of Controllers

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Computer networks covered the entire world and a serious and new development has not formed for many years. But companies and consumer organizations complain about the failure to add new features to their networks and according to their need, like much of the works to be done automatically and they also like to develop and expand their networks on the software side so they don’t need new expensive hardware for many of the activities and needs of their network. Analysis of the control layers and writing data in Software-Defined Network (SDN) facilitate network management and accelerate innovation in network. In order to develop broad networks of SDN, often a large number controller is needed and located position of controllers in the SDN networks and can be raised as an important and basic issue in the field of SDN network and have impact on reliability of SDN networks. This paper focused on latency and reliability in SDN networks. The latency here means the delay in response to the request of data path that has a significant impact on network latency. In this paper it is shown that the number of controllers and their position can be effective on two measures; reliability and latency in SDN networks.

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