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Privacy Preserving Time Efficient Access Control Aware Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data on Cloud Storage

  • P. ShanthiEmail author
  • A. Umamakeswari


Cloud computing delivers storage service to users accessed via Internet. Infrastructure used to store outsourced data is under the control of the cloud service provider. The extensive use of virtualization technology in infrastructure leads to security concern for users using public storage service. Hence, data confidentiality becomes a primary challenge in the cloud environment. Development of new technologies to protect data privacy and to provide processing capabilities to the data storage is the current requirement. This paper proposes a novel approach for access control aware keyword search over encrypted. The proposed Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Keyword Search scheme allows only the authorized data users to search data stored on cloud. Encrypted index set stored along with the ciphertext on provider storage. Index set is partitioned over index server to perform parallel search. The proposed model ensures the confidentiality of data and then returns only ranked documents that match the query given by data requester. The experimental result shows that the search time reduces when using term-partitioned index set. Also, ensures security by allowing search on encrypted data without leaking any information to cloud server.


Access control Cloud computing Data privacy Information security Cryptography 



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