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Energy Efficient Adaptive Bit-Map-Assisted Medium Access Control Protocol

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Present work proposes an Adaptive Bit-Map-Assisted (ABMA) Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol. ABMA is a modified form of Energy-efficient Bit-Map-Assisted (E-BMA) MAC protocol by which it can efficiently utilize the data slots with low overhead traffic. In ABMA MAC protocol, cluster head adaptively varies allotment of data slots to the sensor node (SN) which is based on the buffer status of the SN. In addition, ABMA uses two bit control field for the reservation of data slots and piggybacking. Simulation and mathematical models have been developed and proposed for ABMA MAC protocol. The performance of ABMA MAC protocol has been compared with Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), Energy Efficient-TDMA (EA-TDMA), Bit-Map-Assisted (BMA) and Energy Efficient-BMA (E-BMA) MAC protocols. Both analytical and simulation results show the overall superiority of our proposed ABMA MAC protocol.

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  • Medium access control
  • Bit-map-assisted
  • Railway monitoring
  • Telemedicine application