Performance Analysis of AODV with Sectoring in Resource Constrained Ad-Hoc Communication Network

  • Manohar Chaudhari
  • Pavlina Koleva
  • Vladimir PoulkovEmail author
  • Vivek Deshpande


In this paper the performance of an adaptive sectoring ad hoc on demand distance vector based routing algorithm applied for overall reliability improvement of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) with limited resources is considered. Reliable and energy efficient data transmission in WSNs to prolong their network lifetime is an important and challenging issue, which is proposed to be solved via the implementation of an energy efficient reliable data transfer scheme for WSNs named as “Adaptive Sectoring Scheme for Reliability”. In this approach, a given sensor field is divided into sectors activated one at a time by the occurrence of an event. To minimize the congestion as well as to increase the energy efficiency and maximize the packet delivery ratio, the sectoring process is adjusted dynamically according to a predefined reliability of the data transfer. Simulation experiments show that the proposed scheme leads to an improvement in reliability and energy consumption.


Ad hoc networks Wireless sensor networks Routing protocols Network reliability 



This work was partially supported in part by the contract DN 07/22 15.12.2016 of the Bulgarian Research Fund.


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  1. 1.Faculty of TelecommunicationsTechnical University of SofiaSofiaBulgaria

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