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Dynamic Model Studies of Telescopic Crane with a Lifting and Pulling Load Movement

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This paper presents a kinematic and dynamic model which can be used to simulate telescopic crane slewing, luffing, telescoping, lifting and pulling load movements. The crane joint motion can be described as smooth continuous sine cosine function. The crane dynamic equations are derived by Lagrange method. The lifting rope length from boom tip to hooks described as a time-variant constraint equation. The dynamic equations and the constraint equation form differential algebraic equations which can be solved by constraint stabilization method. The validity and correctness of the telescopic crane model is verified through an example. We prospect the model can be used for the research on compound motion control and lifting scheme design of telescopic crane in the virtual reality.

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  • Telescopic crane dynamic model
  • Lifting and pulling load model
  • Rope length time-variant constraint equation
  • Constraint stabilization method