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End-to-End Link Reliable Energy Efficient Multipath Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Among the many multipath routing protocols, the AOMDV is widely used in highly dynamic ad hoc networks because of its generic feature. Since the communicating nodes in AOMDV are prone to link failures and route breaks due to the selection of multiple routes between any source and destination pair based on minimal hop count which does not ensure end-to-end reliable data transmission. To overcome such problems, we propose a novel node disjoint multipath routing protocol called End-to-End Link Reliable Energy Efficient Multipath Routing (E2E-LREEMR) protocol by extending AOMDV. The E2E-LREEMR finds multiple link reliable energy efficient paths between any source and destination pair for data transmission using two metrics such as Path-Link Quality Estimator and Path-Node Energy Estimator. We evaluate the performance of E2E-LREEMR protocol using NS 2.34 with varying network flows under random way-point mobility model and compare it with AOMDV routing protocol in terms of Quality of Service metrics. When there is a hike in network flows, the E2E-LREEMR reduces 30.43 % of average end-to-end delay, 29.44 % of routing overhead, 32.65 % of packet loss ratio, 18.79 % of normalized routing overhead and 12.87 % of energy consumption. It also increases rather 10.26 % of packet delivery ratio and 6.96 % of throughput than AOMDV routing protocol.

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  • Mobile ad hoc networks
  • Multipath routing
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