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Performance Analysis of Adaptively Grouped Multilevel Space-Time Trellis Coded Systems using Different Component Codes



Adaptively grouped multilevel space-time trellis codes (AGMLSTTCs) utilize multilevel coding (MLC), space time trellis codes (STTCs) and adaptive transmit antenna grouping for simultaneously providing coding gain, diversity improvement and increased spectral efficiency. AGMLSTTCs use Chen, Yuan, and Vucetic (CYV) STTCs as component codes in MLC. In this paper, we present performance comparison of AGMLSTTCs generated using different component STTCs. We use Tarokh, Seshadri, and Calderbank (TSC), Baro, Bauch and Hansmann (BBH) and CYV codes as component STTCs. The simulation results show that AGMLSTTCs with CYV as component STTCs outperforms in comparison with the AGMLSTTCs with TSC and BBH as component STTCs.


Multilevel coding Space time trellis code Channel state information Rayleigh fading channel Adaptive antenna grouping 


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