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The Application of RFID Monitoring Technology to Patrol Management System in Petrochemical Industry

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A lot of manufacturers tend to enhance the management efficacy and reduce the management costs by investing large resources in the research and development of radio frequency identification (RFID). For petrochemical industry, an effective, reliable, and secure patrol management system is primary. Nevertheless, traditional patrol management focuses on labor patrol that the field staff master in the corrosion, leakage, and pipe aging of production equipment. Although equipment inspection and patrol items are scheduled every day, some problems still need to be overcome. After completing traditional patrol tasks, extra time and manpower are required for organizing the patrol records and filling them into electronic document. In the process, it is likely to key in wrong data because of the numerous patrol items. Apparently, without systematic management, supervisors and shift leaders can hardly find out data errors and analyze the abundant data for complete risk evaluation and process security improvement. An RFID-based patrol management system suitable for petrochemical industry is proposed in this study. The system corresponds to the field environment requirements and regulations for petrochemical plants, integrates operation procedure and information procedure, and evaluates and includes various dimensions and variables through interviews and technological analyses to enhance the process security. Active processing equipment monitoring could enhance the preventive maintenance efficiency and promote the production capacity and industrial competitiveness.

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  • Patrol system
  • Radio frequency identification
  • PDA
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Petrochemical industry