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Priority-Oriented Architecture Service Management on OSGi Home-service Platform


Open Service Gateway initiative (OSGi) platforms integrate a variety of reusable applications and resources, packing them into bundles. These deployed services, which are offered by service providers, can expediently manage home appliances. However, in the user’s daily life, various services or bundles access to other services directly or indirectly, creating a situation that is likely to generate problems involving non-supportable applications or insufficient hardware resources. OSGi platforms are no way to deal with these situations. Although much research has proposed methods to resolve specific issues, almost all of these methods are incomplete or are unsuitable for the limited resources in households. This paper addresses the wide range of such common home-network applications as those involving health care, home automation, and home security; and both our proposed priority-based principles of a management decision-making mechanism and our framework architecture help ensure the quality of service and or emergency responses.

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  • Smart home
  • OSGi
  • QoS
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